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ACT (Alternatives in Curriculum and Training)
     ACT is a day training and activity center with a behavioral emphasis which has been serving a specialized clientele in the Solano County area for over twenty-one years.  Designed to serve the special needs of consumers with dual diagnoses, the approach has proven successful with any who need a structured environment in which to work toward meeting individual goals and improving their functioning in the world.

     ACT stresses both personal choice and responsibility within a therapeutic learning environment that all participants are encouraged to help create and maintain.  We believe that learning and growth are shared activities that only occur when there is mutual respect between the teacher and the learner.

     It is our goal to provide a real-life experience complete with paid work, lifelong learning, recreation, community involvement and artistic expression with the expectations and rewards that adults can expect from these experiences.

     ACT provides a small group setting with a 1:3 ration which allows each participant a significant amount of personal attention and support.  Consumers receive instruction in anger management, community access, self-esteem and social skills.

    Both on-site and community work activities are available for those interested in earning money and learning appropriate work behaviors and skills.

     To provide a well rounded experience and to promote open self expression, consumers at ACT participate in the Art@Arc program which includes the visual arts, drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking, photography, poetry, singing, as well as drumming based on the TRAP model. Executive Director Mike Huckins has also begun a Tuesday morning performing arts class for ACT and TS consumers.

     If you have any questions or would like a tour of the ACT program, please call Tami Huizen at (707) 552-2935.